mophie juice pack 3G iPhone Extended Battery Case

The iPhone 3G just got juicier. The new mophie juice pack 3G is a sexy little multi-tasker that will never leave you without power. The fact that it doubles the battery life of the iPhone 3G is enough to get excited about, but that's not all the juice pack has to offer. It's also a sleek case that has a pass-through USB, allowing you to charge and sync with iTunes without having to remove the phone from the juice pack 3G. The juice pack will always drain first, leaving you with a fully charged phone when the juice pack runs out. That's up to 12 more hours of talk time, or 28 more hours of rocking out to your favorite tunes! Can your Hi-C do that?

The mophie juice pack 3G is available now online and in stores at an MSRP of $99.95.


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